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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Qld


Championship Show 6 July 2019


Judge: Mr. Ray Paterson


Firstly, I would like to thank the Committee of the Queensland CKCS Club for inviting me to judge their Speciality Show. It was a great honour for me. Sally and I enjoy exhibiting at this show, since I have been in Australia, we have supported the show as often as possible. Big thankyou to the Wyness family for looking after us so well, as they always do.


I thought the overall qualities of the exhibits on the whole was excellent. As you probably all know I like small, pretty compact dogs. They need substance and move with plenty of drive. I found them in abundance today! I was really pleased with the quality of Queensland bred dogs. In my opinion in the last few years they have come on immensely. They have good breed type and excellent movement and size has come down.


I was really pleased with my dog and bitch line up. Congratulations to all my winners and place getters.


Veteran Sweepstakes


1st Gordon Ch Ertae Baileys N Ice.  Blenheim dog of 13 years of age. This lovely old dog has the most beautiful large dark round eyes, which is the trade mark of this breed. He has a soft expression and well-developed muzzle. Well-marked, moved steadily round the ring, lovely temperament. He’s a credit to his owner.

2nd McCutcheon Ch Kahleyvale Magical Mystery. Younger Tri girl at nearly 8 years of age. Liked her size and short compact body. Nice head and eye. Would have benefited from a little more neck. Move out well.


Baby Puppy Dog.


1st Wraith Matmor Trade Secret. Ruby with pleasing head properties. Well set dark eyes, good pigmentation. Enough neck, short coupled body with a good topline. Moved confidently for one so young. Held a good topline and tail carriage. Moved true both ways.

2nd White Davra Mister Cool.  Attractive looking youngster. Well-marked, rich chestnut markings and a good body coat Good head proportions. Nice reach of neck into level topline. Good front angulation would prefer him a little shorter in body.

3rd Morgan Cavtown Out Of The Night. 5-month B&T very much a baby. Head very much in the development stage. Short coupled, nice bone. Didn’t settle on the move.


Baby Puppy Bitch.


1st Madigan Merseyport Wendy Darling. I think Darling sums this one up. Lovely breed type. Well balanced head with soft expression good eye and pigment. Correct muzzle. Well-developed body. Good angulation front and rear. Moved with a level topline. Best Baby in Show.

2nd Dickson Elfking Naughty But Sweet. Well-marked Blenheim with a very sweet expression. Looked very nice in profile. Good neck and shoulders and a level topline. Good overall conformation. Moved steadily.

3rd Pabian Pabianpark Sassenach.  Very pretty little Blenheim with lozenge. Lovely dark eyes. Flat skull and correct ear set. Small cobby little puppy. Good temperament. Hope she grows on with age.


Minor Puppy Dog


1st Daventri Kennels Daventri Jewel on Fire Richly marked Blenheim. Lovely head and expression, good pigmentation and correct ear set. Elegant neck into shoulders. Looked good in profile. Moved out well.

2nd Kleinitz Blacktree Tangled Up In Blue. Well-marked Blenheim. Super expression with good eye and muzzle. Well ribbed and short coupled. Moved with a level topline and tail set.

3rd Slingsby Cavtown A Stylish Kinda Rhythm. Ruby with a well balance head and gentle expression. Body has good substance and bone. Well angulated. Moved OK.


Puppy Dog


1st Yates Kahleyvale Transcendence. 10-month Tri of excellent proportions, super lay of shoulder into level topline. Short compact body and well-turned stifles. Moved with style, good reach and drive. Nice head with correct muzzle, still in the development stage. Showed well. Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Camilleri Kandcammo Champagne Supernova. Handsome Ruby, well set ears, dark eye and good pigment. Well bodied and good topline and tail set. Good rear angulation and short hocks. Moved steadily.

3rd Purnell Kristichino My Name Is. Well-marked Blenheim with lozenge. Broad skull with correct ear set. Average neck, well boned. Good topline and tail set. 


Junior Dog.


1st Slingsby Cavtown Time for Change. Small compact little Blenheim, but with good substance. A real Toy Spaniel. Lovely breed type. His eyes are round and dark with a well cushioned muzzle. He has the softest of expression. Well angulated front and back. Very balanced on the move. Used his short hocks to his advantage. Held a level topline and tail carriage. Considered him for top honours today. Best Junior in Show.

2nd Darwen Elfking Some Like it Hot at Edenridge. Blenheim with a lovely head and eye. Dense pigment and a good finish to muzzle. Lovely expression. Enough neck, good shoulders and topline. Rich chestnut markings of good texture. Presented well. Moved and showed well.

3rd Crapp Kabob Breathless (AI) Nice Ruby, with pleasing head properties. Well ribbed body of good substance. Level toplne and well-turned stifles. Good reach and drive. Moved soundly.


Intermediate Dog. 


1st Morse/Henderson Ch Matmor Society Heir. Ruby with nice head and expression. Flat skull with well-set ears and excellent pigment. Well put together with good bone and well-rounded ribs. Good coat texture. Well presented. Moved with plenty of drive.

2nd Heyden Ch Westbury Hes the One. Very pretty Blenheim. My type of head. Darkest of eyes and jet-black pigment. Short muzzle well filled. Gentle expression. Would have preferred a bit more neck. Body compact and short. Moved OK.


Limit Dog.


1st Madigan Merseyport Bellissimo. This Blenheim ticked all the boxes for me. Handsome headpiece oozing on breed type. Correct head proportions. Large round dark eye, dark pigment and a lovely finish to muzzle. Excellent body proportions. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Correct length of upper arm which gave him great front extension on the move. Firm body and level topline. Well angulated front and rear. Well balanced on the move. Covered the ground with ease. Pleased to award him Best in Show.

2nd kleinitz Blacktree Fortune Tella.  Masculine Blenheim. Fuller in the head than 1 but not overdone. Almost flat skull well set ears and well-developed fore face. Body of good substance. Good spring of rib, short coupled and well angulated. Good muscle tone. Short hocks. Good reach and drive.

3rd Fedeicos Midnite Iridescence. Tri with very nice head and expression. Well set ears and good tan markings. Soft expression. Nice neck into level topline. Moderately boned, well-turned stifles. Shown in good coat. Moved well.


State Bred Dog


1st Wilshier Cavlamour Cause A Commotion. Liked the headpiece on this on this smaller made Blenheim. He has a nice eye, and good cushioning. A lovely soft gentle expression. Compact body. A little unbalanced on the move, losing his topline. 

2nd Ross& Morgan Ch Hollinglen Whisper No Secrets. Nicely coated Blenheim. Good reach of neck and well angulated front and rear. Preferred the head and expression of 1.

3rd Korving & Wilson Ch Parov in the Spotlight.  Nicely marked Blenheim with lozenge, just lacking in body coat. Nice dark eye and pigment. Moved with drive. Tail carriage a little high.


Australian Bred Dog.


1st Wright Ch Belljarri Black Moon Rising. Gorgeous head on this most glamorous B&T.  Correct head properties, flat skull, high set well feathered ears. Large, round eyes well filled below. Lovely finish to muzzle. Fabulous soft expression.  Good reach of neck, level topline and good angulation. Long silky coat in good condition. A little less length in coat maybe. Lovely driving action on the move.

2nd Pabian Pabianpark Thyme Traveller. Can’t believe this Blenheim hasn’t got his crown yet. Pleasing head properties. Well set ears and dark eye giving him the softest of expression. Lovely reach of neck which he used so well on the move. Correct lay of shoulder, good topline and compact body.  Balanced movement front and back. Excellent head and tail carriage.

3rd Morse, Henderson & Wilshier Sup Ch Matmor Colour Sergeant.  Ruby with a well-developed head. Nice eye and good pigment. Overall a pleasing head. Good neck flows into shoulders. Body with plenty of substance. Short coupled with good topline. Clean outline in good coat. Moved well in profile.


Bred By Exhibitor Dog


1st Morse & Henderson Matmor Jose Carreras (AI) Standing alone, he is a quality exhibit. He has a bold head with expressive eyes. He really impressed me on the table. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib and strong bone. Level topline and clean outline. He has a wealth of coat of good colour and texture. He is well balanced on the move. Good reach and drive holding a level topline and correct tail carriage. He has a good temperament and is eager to please. Reserve Challenge Dog.


Open Dog


1st Morse & Henderson Sup Ch Matmor A Scandalous Affair. Very glamorous Ruby. Masculine head of good proportions. Almost flat skull with high set ears. Round eye with good pigmentation. Strong forequarters, well ribbed with good bone. He has a lovely coat of good texture. Moves out in style.

2nd Gordon & Fernleigh Gr Ch Daisymont Time in Motion. Blenheim coming up to 8 years of age. Still enjoying his showing. He is well marked. He moves with plenty of drive. Good topline and head carriage.


Minor Puppy Bitch


1st Daventri Kennels Daventri Secret Addiction. Pretty Blenheim girl, with nice dark eye and good pigment. Good reach of neck into level topline. Well angulated front and rear. She is nicely developed for age. Strong chest and good bone. Well balanced on the move. Held a good topline and tail carriage. Really impressed me. Minor Puppy in Show.

2nd Slingsby Cavtown Rumours in the air. Heavily marked Tri with white collar. Nice compact body. Elegant neck on a level topline. Moved with ease, holding a good topline. Not as developed in head as 1.


Puppy Bitch


1st Wright Belljari Age of Adeline 10-month Ruby with a very attractive head, well set ears, dark eye and good pigmentation. Elegant neck set on a level topline. Good substance and well angulated. Stood four square and a good clean profile. Moved out in style. Good tail carriage.

2nd Madigan Merseyport Shirazade.  Well marked Blenheim with a very attractive head and eye. Correct head proportions. Finer in bone than 1. Moved soundly, holding a good topline.

3rd Perry Kandccamo Chasing Butterflies. Pretty headed B&T with good dark eye and gentle expression. Short coupled body. Good depth of chest. Moved OK.


Junior Bitch.


1st Daventri Kennels Daventri Ice Maker. Pleasing head properties with beautiful large dark round eyes and a well-developed muzzle. Body nicely developed for age, good substance and bone. Good neck and topline. In good coat of well-defined markings. Moved out really well.

2nd Slingsby Cavtown Time is on My Side. Pretty headed Blenheim with good eye and dark pigment. Nice compact body, well angulated front. Well-marked with rich chestnut markings. Moved with ease.


Intermediate Bitch.


1st Wraith Sup Ch Matmor in the Society Pages very attractive and glamorous Ruby. Feminine head with well-set ears and long fringing. Appealing eyes and correct muzzle. Generous neck set on a good topline. Short compact body. Coat in excellent condition. Well balanced on the move, holds a good topline and tail carriage. Best Intermediate in Show.

2nd Korving & Wilson Ch Parov Reach for the Stars. Very pretty Blenheim girl with the head type I really like. Good gearset, expressive eyes and a good finish to muzzle. Not overdone in anyway. Good reach of neck and a level topline. Good angulation.  Moved soundly, with a good topline and tail carriage.

3rd Pabianpark Beguiling.  Tri with plenty of substance. Good spring of rib, deep chest and short backed. Sweet head with large dark round eyes. Good reach and drive on the move. Showed well.


Limit Bitch.


1st Morse & Henderson Matmor La Stupenda (AI) Beautiful and elegant toy spaniel. Loved her from head to tail. Correct shape of skull with high set ears. Dark well-spaced eyes. Lovely finish to muzzle. Her expression is so soft and endearing. Graceful neck set into well angulated shoulders. Well ribbed with good length of loin, giving her an overall balanced profile. Moved with style and elegance, well balanced front and back. Shown in the peak of condition, she is a triumph to frozen semen. Could not deny her Challenge Bitch.

2nd Lewis Edenridge Vera Rose at Dawn Pretty Ruby with pleasing head properties and good pigmentation. Body with good substance and bone. Moved with good reach and drive, held a good firm topline and correct tail carriage.

3rd Heyden Parov Dark and Stormy. Blenheim girl with nice expression, large dark round eyes, dark pigment and well-developed muzzle. Good reach of neck and level topline. Moved soundly, with plenty of drive.


State Bred Bitch.


1st Slingsby Cavtown Dawn of Creation I saw this pretty little Blenheim girl here last year. I liked her then. 1 year further on I still like her a lot. Petty, petite and elegant. If you want to see reach and drive at its best, have a close look at this one. Super profile, good topline and head carriage. I wish she would keep her tail down. State Bred in Show

2nd Wilshier Cavalmour Colour Me Happy.  B&T with lovely dark eyes and well-developed muzzle. Good spring of rib, deep chest. Well angulated shoulders and stifles. Held a good topline on the move.

 3rd Yates Kahleyvale Rebel Heart.  Pretty Blenheim with good head proportion. Nice dark eye. Good reach of neck on a firm topline. Good angulation moved well.


Aust Bred Bitch.


1st Morse & Henderson Ch Matmor Thrilled to Bits.  Another Ruby girl out of the top draw. Excellent breed type of perfect size. Correct head proportions, well set dark eyes. A well cushioned muzzle gives her that soft, gentle expression. Elegant but not lacking substance. Lovely transition from neck into shoulders. Spirit level topline, stands four square.  She has balanced movement front and back. Shown in good coat. I thought she complemented her kennel mate, and they looked a picture going around together. Pleased to award her Reserve Bitch Challenge.

2nd Lepelaar Coloora For The Moment. This Tri girl spends most of her time in the agility ring, but she makes good transition to the show ring. Pleasing head and excellent in body. Well made with good muscle tone. Moves with purpose, holding a good topline and tail set.

3rd Wright Belljari Red Mist Ova The Moon. Ruby with a pleasant expression. Good reach of neck and a good level topline. Moves well in profile holding a good tail carriage.


State Bred EXH Bitch.


1st Heyden Gr Ch Parov Jolie Femme. Blenheim coming up 6 years of age. Lovely breed type. Has the most beautiful large, dark round eyes. Across the eyes the expression is very familiar. Well filled below the eyes and a nice plush muzzle. Firm body and good topline. Moved out well. State Bred Exh in Show.


Open Bitch.


1st Egan & Weekes Sup Ch Melloway Magnifique. At 8 Years of age I think Magnifique sums this beautiful Tri girl’s career. I don’t think there is anything that she hasn’t achieved in the ring. I have followed her career since she was a puppy, and like a fine wine she improved with age. I was lucky enough to have judged her in Sydney in 2013, six years ago and awarded her RCC. She is a credit to her handler and breeders. Pretty, full of breed type, elegant and lovely on the move, in my last three for Ch. Open in Show

2nd Morse & Henderson Ch Matmor Socialite. Well-presented B&T in glorious coat. Pretty girl with pleasing head properties and a nice finish to muzzle. Ample neck, good shoulders. Excellent topline and tail set. Has a crisp outline and moves with plenty of purpose. Very eager to please and shows well.

3rd Madigan Merseyport Tinonee. Blenheim with a very pretty soft expression. Lovely eyes, broad head, well set ears, correct stop and nice finish to muzzle. Good neck and well bodied. Doesn’t do herself justice on the move, just lacks that drive.



Neuter Dog.

1st Ross Gr Ch/ Neuter Ch Morganlea Starman. Blenheim dog which I have admired for some time. Lovely head properties, broad skull, high set ears. Nice eye and well cushioned muzzle. Good overall conformation. He has a well-balanced profile. Good shoulders and stifles enables him to move out in style, he covers the ground with ease. Best Neuter in Show.
2nd Heyden Ch Parov Beau Geste Richly marked Blenheim in good coat. Masculine head with dark eye. Good reach of neck and well-developed ribs. Short coupled body and good angulation. Moves well. R/U Neuter in show.
3rd Perry Belljari Frankie Kiss the Girl. B&T in good coat and rich tan markings Pleasing head and eye. Well bodied. Good size and shape. Moved with style.

Neuter Bitch.

1st Morgan Ch Morganlea English Rose Well marked Blenheim. Nicely balanced in head with good eye. Good profile and tail set. Moved soundly. Opposite Neuter in Show.